The Anderson County Economic Development Association (ACEDA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering economic growth and attracting investment to Anderson County. Since its establishment in 1964 as the Melton Hill Regional Industrial Development Association, ACEDA has played a pivotal role in driving the county's economic development. Here is a brief overview of its history, goals, and key achievements:

Our History

ACEDA was formed in 1964 as a collaborative effort between local government entities, businesses, and community leaders who recognized the need for a unified approach to economic development. With a shared vision, ACEDA was created to leverage the county's unique assets and resources to stimulate economic growth.

The Primary Goals of ACEDA

ACEDA focuses on helping the economy of Anderson County and provides resources to businesses in the area.

Attracting Investment

ACEDA focuses on attracting new businesses, industries, and investment to Anderson County. This includes targeting sectors that align with the county's strengths and strategic priorities.

Business Retention and Expansion

ACEDA works closely with existing businesses to support their growth and expansion plans. By providing resources, incentives, and assistance, ACEDA aims to retain and strengthen the local business community.

Workforce Development

ACEDA recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce and collaborates with educational institutions, training centers, and community organizations to foster a talent pipeline that meets the needs of businesses.

Our Key Achievements

The Anderson County Economic Development Association has consistently worked towards creating an environment that fosters economic growth, attracts investment, and supports the prosperity of businesses and residents in the county.

Job Creation

ACEDA has successfully attracted numerous companies to Anderson County, resulting in the creation of thousands of new jobs. These opportunities have had a positive impact on the local economy, providing employment and career advancement prospects for residents.

Infrastructure Development

ACEDA has actively pursued infrastructure improvements to enhance the county's business climate. This includes investments in transportation networks, utilities, and industrial parks, making Anderson County an attractive location for businesses.

Small Business Support

ACEDA has implemented programs and initiatives to support small businesses, including access to capital, business counseling, and mentorship opportunities. These efforts have nurtured entrepreneurship and contributed to the vibrancy of the local economy.

Infrastructure Development

ACEDA has collaborated with educational institutions and workforce development agencies to provide specialized training programs aligned with the needs of local industries. By bridging the skills gap, ACEDA has ensured a skilled workforce that attracts and retains businesses.

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Anderson County Economic Development offers a variety of incentives for new and expanding industries and businesses, assistance in building workforce resources, and training and education for potential employees.
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